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Welcome to Tisohm. It gives us a great pleasure that you have taken time to visit and learn about us and we are confident that the information presented here will leave you with a positive impression of Tisohm. At Tisohm each program is designed for people interested in career advancement and employment within the hospitality industry. The program combines theory and practical application of skills and abilities to meet the needs of employers. At Tisohm you can earn a one-year Advance Diploma in Hospitality Management and Certificate courses in culinary- arts, Wine-Beverages & restaurant management. You have the opportunity through internships and work-study experience to demonstrate your competencies prior to diploma. Employers work with you to develop management expertise, problem solving, and team leading skills. You learn through a carefully balanced program emphasizing the theoretical and practical aspects of hospitality management. The programs also prepare students to be successful in a supervisory or management capacity in either commercial or institutional food operations. Students are taught in a hands-on approach as they work in an actual production kitchen and operate Cafe restaurant on campus.

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The One-year program of studies at the TISOHM is designed to produce well-learned students who are ready to make their carrier in Hospitality and create difference in terms of service in market. Our program makes the following demands: Daily preparation will be stressed with homework in every subject, every day. Students will be expected to participate actively in every lecture, communicating not only with the faculty, but also with their peers. Wherever and whenever practicable, technology will be integrated in instruction. Attendance is mandatory. Excessive absenteeism can result in lower marks or the requirement that a student repeat the year. The academic year is divided into three terms, each comprising 120 days and ending in a marking period. Students engage in physical and extracurricular activities throughout the year. Our academic program differs from that of the typical Hotel Management College in as much as our courses are more intensive, meeting 14 hours each week in small classes throughout the year.

  • 1. Ms. Eka Tsitskishvili – English Faculty
  • 2. Ms. Tamar Maghradze – English Faculty
  • 3. Ms. Nana Kapanadze - English Faculty
  • 4. Ms. Ekaterine Chachava - Food & Bevrages Management
  • 5. Ms. Maka Shamugia – Food & Bevrages Service
  • 6. Ms. Eka Urtkemeidze - Housekeeping Management
  • 7. Mr. John W. Zaiser – Front Desk Management
  • 8. Ms. Diana Ninua – Front Desk Management
  • 9. Mr. Farkhod Tashtemirov - Front Desk Management
  • 10. Baastian Arts - Executive Chef
  • 1. One Year Executive MBA [in Hospitality, Marketing & IT]
  • 2. Certificate Course in Front office Management
  • 3. Certificate Course in Barman
  • 4. One year full time Certificate Course in Hospitality Management
  • 5. Certificate Course in Bar & Restaurant Management
  • 6. Certificate Course in Flight Cabin Crew
  • 7. Certificate Course in Culinary Arts
  • 8. Certificate course in Wine & Beverages Management
  • 9. Certificate Course in Waiter/Waitress
  • 10. English Language Course (As on Demand/Request)
  • 11. Personality Development Course (As on Demand/Request)
  • 12. Georgian/Armenian/Russian Language Course (As on Demand/Request)

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